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Research and data

We collect data and statistics about over 60,000 fertility treatments performed each year in the UK. We are committed to making as much of this information available as possible to inform patients, researchers and clinicians.

2018 egg freezing report

Our 2018 egg freezing report covers the trends and figures relating to egg freezing and the use of thawed eggs in fertility treatment.

Download the full report (PDF 784 KB)

Download the patient friendly version of the report (PDF 1.07 MB)

Download the supplement to the report (PDF 92 KB)

Download the data sheet of this report (XLSX 56 KB)

National patient survey results

In September and October 2018 in partnership with YouGov we carried out the country's first ever national fertility patient survey, which invited people who had recently had fertility treatment and their partners to share their views on their treatment, covering every stage of their treatment.

In our report 'Pilot national fertility patient survey' you can read detailed analysis of the responses that we received from over 1000 fertility patients and their partners.

National patient survey data sets

you can also download and read the full response data set. Please note this data has been anonymised to protect the identity of respondents.

Download the data sets (XLSX 3.2 MB)

Trends in egg and sperm donation

This report provides key information about the number and type of people newly registering as sperm and egg donors in the UK. It also gives information on trends in using donated sperm and eggs in fertility treatment, including how many treatments have been carried out and the demographics of patients.

This report complements our flagship annual publication, Fertility treatment: trends and figures, which provides key information about the number and type of fertility treatments that have been carried out across the UK and how many of these have led to a birth.

Download the underlying data for this report (XLSX 150 KB)

We also published some statistics on donation in 2011, looking at long-term trends between 1992 and 2010

Improving outcomes for fertility patients: multiple births

A multiple birth (twins, triplets or more) is the single biggest health risk associated with fertility treatment. Find out more about the risks of multiple births.

We've worked with the sector to reduce the proportion of multiple births and this report summarises our achievements to date.

Download the multiple births datasheet for 2015 (XLSX 46 KB)

Adverse incidents in fertility clinics: lessons to learn

The vast majority of fertility treatments are carried out without any problems occurring but, as in any clinical setting, mistakes can happen. Most people understand there are risks associated with any kind of healthcare, but they also rightly expect healthcare professionals to learn from those mistakes.  

This annual report provides details of clinic incidents, allowing clinics to learn from each other and improve patient care.


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Review date: 1 March 2021