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Our people

Whether it be inspecting fertility clinics and research centres, giving a donor-conceived person the chance to get to know about their biological roots, or producing impartial information which people can rely upon, we all work to ensure everyone involved in fertility treatment has high quality care. Our board, known as ‘the Authority’ oversees all of our work and makes the big decisions. Find out more on this page.

Our staff

We're a small organisation, employing 65 staff, but we cover a lot.

We have teams dedicated to:

  • licensing, monitoring and inspecting clinics
  • setting standards for clinics to continually improve care
  • managing and analysing the information we hold about fertility treatments, using this information to make improvements to care and responding to requests to access it
  • producing trust-worthy information for the public and engaging with the sector and others interested in what we do.

We also have teams responsible for HR, legal, IT and finance services, as well as governance and risk and business planning.

HFEA Organisational Structure

Our board

Our board – ‘the Authority’ – is made up appointed members, who are people we’ve chosen for their expertise and knowledge to bring an objective viewpoint to decision making. They include doctors, scientists and researchers as well as ‘lay members’ who bring knowledge about areas such as the law, religion, finance, journalism, the public sector and from their own personal experiences of fertility treatment. Find out more about them.

Our Senior Management Team, our most senior staff members who oversee the day-to-day running of our organisation, advise the board. Learn more about them.

Interested in what we do and how we’re doing it? Why not come along to an Authority meeting? They’re usually held every two months - all you have to do is drop us an email at and let us know which meeting you wish to attend.

Review date: 1 September 2025