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What we spend and how

To reflect the HFEA’s ongoing commitment to transparency we have published our staff salary bands, expenses incurred by our Directors and Authority members, payment targets and our expenditure.

Director and Member expenses

Expenses will be published on a quarterly basis, in a cumulative annual file.

Breakdown of hospitality received and given

The HFEA retains a register of hospitality received. The Chair, Members and Senior Officers of the HFEA have reported receiving no hospitality by virtue of their roles in the organisation.

From time to time, the Chair and the Chief Executive of the HFEA may embark on a planned series of working dinners to provide the opportunity to meet with Persons Responsible of all clinics throughout the country.  These dinners have several purposes:

  • they enable a better working relationship between clinics and the HFEA
  • they help communicate changes that will or may be introduced
  • they provide an opportunity to gather informal feedback on the HFEA and regulatory activity, which can contribute to better formulation of policy, compliance activity and other HFEA activities.

The HFEA considers they are one of the best ways of working with the sector, obtaining strategic intelligence and fostering better working relationships with licence holders. On average, each dinner may cost £300 for between 6 - 8 people, including the Chair and Chief Executive


Review date: 8 January 2021