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Corporate publications

Our corporate publications give you a more in depth understanding of who we are, what we do and what our focus will be over the coming months and years.


Our vision is regulating for excellence: shaping the future of fertility care and treatment. Our strategy, developed in partnership with our stakeholders, sets out how we're going to achieve that vision in three key areas:

  • The best care
  • The right Information
  • Shaping the future

Business plan

We delayed publishing our business plan for the 2020/21 business year due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Instead, we published a plan for the final six months of the 2020/2021 business year from October 2020. This sets out the work we will do in the current business year to deliver our strategy and our vision of regulating for excellence: shaping the future of fertility care and treatment.

Business impact target (BIT)

The business impact target (BIT) is a cross-government target for the reduction of regulation on business.

Under the BIT, the Environment Agency assesses the financial impacts on business of qualifying regulatory provisions (QRPs). QRPs are changes to regulatory practices that are described in a written ministerial statement. We assess the impacts of these changes through BIT assessments.

We submit BIT assessments for QRPs to the Regulatory Policy Committee (RPC) for validation.

Innovation plan

Our innovation plan sets out the actions that we are taking to ensure that:

  • the UK remains a jurisdiction where innovation can continue to flourish
  • clinical practice and ethical research can continue to develop
  • the public continue to be reassured that nothing is done without expert oversight.

Disclosure of salaries and expenses

To reflect the HFEA’s ongoing commitment to transparency we have published our staff salary bands, expenses incurred by our Directors and Authority members, payment targets and our expenditure.

Read our disclosures of salaries and expenses

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Review date: 11 November 2022