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Information for past applicants

Donors who donated anonymously before 1 April 2005 are able to remove their anonymity if they wish. If you’ve previously applied for information about your donor and were told they’re anonymous, you can find out on this page if your donor has since removed their anonymity.

How do I know if my/my child’s donor has removed their anonymity?

When you last applied for information from us, you will have received a response letter. This has a reference number in the following format:

O-year-00123 or year-00123

If your reference number is published in the list below it means your donor has removed their anonymity.

If your original application involved more than one donor, you'll need to apply to us to confirm which donor has removed their anonymity.

Apply for information

Reference number Added
O-2011-0146 February 2013
O-2010-00238 May 2013
O-2012-00182 August 2014
O-2017-00052 April 2019
O-2011-00368 March 2021
O-2013-00211 March 2021
O-2019-00190 March 2021
O-2017-00313 December 2021
O-2015-00393 February 2022
O-2020-238 February 2022
O-2011-00230 February 2022
O-2016-00315 February 2022
O-2019-003 March 2022
O-2018-00343 March 2022
0-2011-00189 March 2022
O-2021-00454 March 2022
O-2015-00097 March 2022
O-2021-00751 July 2022
O-2020-00355 November 2022
O-2022-01421 November 2022
O-2022-01097 November 2022
O-2022-01012 May 2023
O-2014-00255 March 2024
O-2023-02003 March 2024
O-2023-02002 March 2024
D-C-MJ-45076 March 2024
O-2022-00954 March 2024
O-2009-00185 March 2024
O-2021-00689 March 2024
2010-00142 March 2024
0-2012-00229 March 2024
O-2014-00003 March 2024
O-2017-00014 March 2024
O-2016-00056 March 2024

We recommend getting plenty of support before applying for information about your donor

What does it mean if my donor has removed their anonymity?

If you’re over 18, you’ll be able to apply to us for information that would identify your donor, including their:

  • name
  • date of birth
  • Last known address as listed on the HFEA Register.

Whether you apply for that information and what you do with it is completely up to you. We recommend you get plenty of support and take your time to think through all the issues before making any decisions. You may find the information below helpful in doing this:

Preparing to access identifying information about your donor

Preparing to access non-identifying information about your donor and donor-conceived genetic siblings

Get support and advice

I’m a parent acting on behalf of my child, can I request any information?

We can’t give you any information that would identify your child’s donor – only your child can do that when if they’re aged 18 or over. However, we can give you non-identifying information if you haven’t requested it already.

Finding out about your child's donor or donor-conceived siblings

Apply for information

We can also give you a letter for you to share with your child confirming that they’re able to request identifying information about their donor from the age of 18.

Your donor will only appear on this page if they've removed their anonymity and you've previously applied for information about them

How often do you update this page?

We update this page once every three months provided that during this time a donor has removed their anonymity and someone has previously applied for information about them. If this page hasn’t been updated in more than three months, it’s not necessarily because there haven’t been any donors removing their anonymity, but just that no one has applied to us for information about them before.

Unfortunately for reasons of confidentiality we’re not able to give you any information over the phone so you’ll need to keep checking the website for changes.

I’ve lost my reference number, what do I need to do?

You’ll need to apply to us again for a copy of the response we originally sent, which will include your reference number.

Who can I talk to if I have any questions?

If you have any questions we’re happy to help. Drop us a line at and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.

Review date: 1 March 2026