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HFEA @ 30 online event - past and present Authority members reflecting on the last 30 years

On 24 March we held a special event bringing together past and present Authority members to mark the 30th anniversary of the establishment of the HFEA, and to celebrate and consider the many achievements of the HFEA and the fertility sector more generally.

We want to use our anniversary as an opportunity to begin a public debate, branded as HFEA @ 30, looking forward to the scientific, clinical, legal and social developments that challenge the regulatory scheme today, and in the years ahead. Our aim is to build a consensus in the coming months about the need for future legislative change, in a similar way that Baroness Warnock did with the introduction of the original HFE Act.

Watch the event below:

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Below is a list of the speakers at the event:

Speaker order




Sally Cheshire

Welcome - HFEA @ 30 / key milestones from my time as Chair


Ruth Deech

Why the HFEA is still relevant 30 years on


Lesley Regan

The connection between fertility treatment and women’s health more generally


Emily Jackson

Legal and social change/the regulation of new family formations


Andy Greenfield

The evolutions of science, mitochondrial donation and the embryo over time


David Archard

PGD and the ethical treatment of inherited illness


Jane Denton

Multiple births and a responsible attitude to public health


Tony Rutherford

The impact of the HFEA on current and future clinic practices


Kate Brian

The best patient care in a competitive market


Sally Cheshire

Summarises the discussion


Margaret Gilmore

Closing words and thank you to Sally as she steps down as Chair

Review date: 16 March 2024