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HFEA wins prestigious award for data dashboard.Our award-winning dashboard gives users the opportunity to explore HFEA data and find statistics on their own areas of interest. Find out more here.

Media centre

Welcome to the HFEA’s Media Centre. Here you will find our latest news and press releases, useful statistics and how to get in touch with us if you have a media request.

If you are a journalist, you can contact our press office at or during office hours call 020 7291 8226.

For out of hours requests, please call the duty press officer on 07771 981920.

**These numbers are for members of the media only**

Due to our role as the regulator, we are unable to provide case studies to members of the media.

For patient enquiries, you can contact our enquiries team at You can also phone on 020 7291 8200 but please note we are unable to give advice or information over the phone and can only direct you towards the information you need on the website.

If you have a freedom of information request, please visit this page Freedom of information.

News and press releases

Browse all the latest news and press releases from the HFEA.

Our publications

Our publications give you statistics and information on our work and what’s happening in the fertility sector more generally.

Key statistics

Find out about some of the key facts and statistics about fertility treatment and our work. This includes some of our frequently asked questions by topic.


Browse all the latest blogs from the HFEA and the fertility sector.

Our spokespeople

Our spokespeople regularly take part in media interviews. You can find out more about them on this page.

Our partners

We work closely with other organisations within the fertility sector, including both patient facing and professional organisations.

A-Z fertility glossary

With fertility treatment comes lots of scientific and medical terms. We have created a glossary to help people understand fertility treatment more.

About the HFEA

  • The HFEA is the UK’s independent regulator of fertility treatment and research using human embryos.
  • Set up in 1990 by the Human Fertilisation and Embryology Act, the HFEA is responsible for licensing, monitoring, and inspecting fertility clinics - and taking enforcement action where necessary - to ensure everyone accessing fertility treatment receives high quality care.
  • The HFEA is an ‘arm’s length body’ of the Department for Health and Social Care, working independently from Government providing free, clear, and impartial information about fertility treatment, clinics and egg, sperm and embryo donation.
  • The HFEA collects and verifies data on all treatments that take place in UK licensed clinics which can support scientific developments and research and service planning and delivery.
  • The HFEA holds records of all fertility treatments and outcomes taking place in licensed clinics since 1991.
  • The HFEA is funded by licence fees, IVF treatment fees and a grant from UK central government. For more information, visit

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Review date: 7 March 2026