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Our partners

We listen to, and learn from, those with an interest in what we do and speak to them before making key decisions. One of the ways we do this is through our stakeholder groups – learn more about each of them on this page. 

Multiple Births Stakeholder Group

Focussed on reducing the rate of multiple births, this group brings together professionals from the following organisations:

There is no set frequency of meetings but there tends to be two to four meetings a year.

Association of Fertility Patient Organisations (AFPO)

AFPO is a group coordinated by the charity Fertility Network UK (FNUK) which we meet with twice a year. It includes patient, donor and other voluntary organisations including:


Licensed Centres Panel

The panel includes 32 staff from fertility clinics and human embryo research centres across the UK, including doctors, nurses, managers, counsellors, scientists and researchers.

We meet with them three times a year to bounce ideas off one another, get their thoughts on our current thinking, share experiences and work together to make improvements.

Professional Organisations Stakeholder Group

This group brings together representatives from professional groups across the fertility sector twice a year, including:


Review date: 9 October 2021