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HFEA statement: Egg Freezing and Me

The HFEA have issued a statement regarding the BBC iPlayer documentary ‘Egg Freezing and Me’.

Clare Ettinghausen, Director of Strategy and Corporate Affairs at the HFEA, said:

“The numbers of people choosing to freeze their eggs is growing rapidly but is still a relatively small number, with very few of those going back to use their frozen eggs at the moment. While more women than ever are choosing to freeze their eggs, it’s important that anyone thinking about this understand the risks and costs involved. Egg freezing before a woman gets to their mid-30s can be worth thinking about to widen reproductive choices but is not a guarantee of having a baby in the future.

“Clinics must ensure anyone going through fertility treatment are given full information about the risks and long-term impact of any treatment they have, as well as full details of the costs involved. We have worked with the Advertising Standards Authority and Competition and Markets Authority where our powers are limited to ensure that clinics understand their obligations under advertising and consumer law.

“We strongly encourage those considering egg freezing to visit the HFEA website for free and impartial information about the process as well as to choose a fertility clinic.”


About the HFEA

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Review date: 13 March 2026