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HFEA responds to BBC Spotlight NI programme, ‘The Babymaker Uncovered’

Following issues raised by the BBC about fertility treatment being offered in an unlicensed clinic in Northern Ireland, a HFEA spokesperson said:

We are very concerned about the issues raised by the BBC Spotlight NI programme on the Logan Wellbeing Centre in Belfast. This is not a HFEA licensed clinic and it is a criminal offence for treatments that fall under HFEA law to be carried out in a non-licenced clinic.

As the UK-wide regulator of fertility treatment and embryo research, we ensure clinics offer treatment in line with our regulations. We would encourage anyone looking to have fertility treatment to use the HFEA website to choose a fertility clinic. It is the only tool available that can be used by patients to review information about all licensed clinics in the UK, including verified success rates. Clinics licenced by the HFEA are subject to thorough and regular inspection which assures patients that treatment can be safely offered. Medical advice should always be sought from qualified professionals before having any fertility treatment.



Review date: 31 March 2024