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HFEA responds to new gamete storage limit proposal

Following a public consultation earlier this year, proposals will be introduced to increase the statutory storage limits for everyone from the current 10 years, to a 10 year renewable storage period up to a maximum of 55 years. 

Following the government announcement today to extend the storage limit for frozen gametes, Julia Chain, Human Fertilisation and Embryology Authority (HFEA) Chair, said: 

"We welcome the government’s plans to extend the storage limit for frozen eggs, sperm and embryos, bringing the law in line with advances in science, changes in modern society and individuals’ reproductive choices. 

"This is great news for patients, giving them more time to make important decisions about family planning. 

“Any decision to store or preserve eggs, sperm or embryos is a serious one and anyone considering this must be given full information on the procedures involved, including the best time to freeze and likelihood of successfully using them to have a baby in future. 

"It is important that the new rules are clear and that fertility clinics are given adequate time to update their procedures to ensure they can both implement the changes effectively and give patients sufficient information so that they are fully informed about their options." 


Review date: 18 September 2023