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Department of Health and Social Care launches public consultation on gamete and embryo storage limits

On 11 February 2020 the Department of Health and Social Care launched a public consultation on the gamete and embryo storage limits.

In the UK the law states that gametes and embryos can be stored for a maximum period of 10 years. In certain cases, gametes and embryos can be stored for longer, up to a maximum of 55 years as long as certain conditions are met. The Government are reviewing both the standard storage period and the rules around extension of storage beyond 10 years.

Our Chair, Sally Cheshire, said, "While any change to the 10-year storage limit would be a matter for Parliament, as it requires a change in law, we believe the time is right to consider what a more appropriate storage limit could be that recognises both changes in science and in the way women are considering their fertility."
Over the next 10 weeks we will be considering these regulatory issues and formulating our response to this consultation.

For further information about the DHSC consultation and how to submit a response please see here.

Review date: 30 November 2022