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Update to the 9th edition Code of Practice is now available

This new version of the Code of Practice contains updated information and guidance for clinics.

The updated version of the 9th edition of the Code of Practice comes into effect from today (16 December 2019). This is the first update to the 9th edition, which was launched in January this year. The Code of Practice is the ‘rule book’ for clinics and is updated regularly to help clinicians understand and comply with their legal requirements as a licensed centre.
The update of the Code of Practice contains wide-ranging revisions to 11 of the 33 guidance notes on key topics including surrogacy, the addition of new sperm donor screening requirements, direct to consumer DNA matching services, surrogacy and others. 


Read the full version of our new Code of Practice 9.0

Publication date: 13 February 2020

Review date: 13 February 2022