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Science Museum announces the launch of exhibition celebrating 40 years of IVF

A new exhibition at the Science Museum opens on 5 July 2018 to mark to 40th birthday of IVF titled ‘IVF: 6 million babies later’.

The exhibition will story of IVF, from its early opposition and uncertainty to the latest research in fertility treatment.

Our Chair Sally Cheshire CBE will be speaking at the opening of the free exhibition, she said "Louise Brown's birth 40 years ago was a defining moment in fertility medicine thanks to the efforts of Patrick Steptoe, Bob Edwards and Jean Purdy, and today we can be proud that the UK fertility sector remains at the forefront of scientific and clinical progress in the field.”

“As we continue to pioneer new techniques such as embryo testing to prevent serious mitochondrial disease and gene editing research to understand early human development and miscarriage, I truly believe the UK is the best place in the world for innovative treatments to be developed whilst maintaining overwhelming public trust.”

“As 1 in 6 couples experience difficulty conceiving and undergo the emotional rollercoaster of fertility treatment, the HFEA will continue to prioritise high quality patient care and emotional support for all patients as they seek to have the families they long for."

You can find out more about the event on the Science Museum website.

IVF at 40

At our 2018 annual conference we had the pleasure of hosting speeches by Louise Brown, the first person born from IVF treatment, and John Webster who assisted in her conception.

Find out more about the event and watch their speeches on our conference microsite.

Publication date: 20 December 2018

Review date: 20 December 2020