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New leaflet for parents of donor-conceived children

Was your child conceived with the help of a donor? Are they curious to find out more about them? We’re here to provide that information and our new leaflet explains exactly what we can provide.


We hold information about fertility treatments involving donor sperm, eggs or embryos as clinics are legally required to provide us with this information.  As a parent, you can access the non-identifying information we hold about your child’s donor. We can also tell you the number, sex and year of birth of any donor-conceived genetic siblings.

At 16, your child can ask us for non-identifying information about their donor and the number, sex and year of birth of any donor-conceived genetic siblings (ie, the same information that you can access).  At 18, your child can ask us for their donor’s identity and can choose to share their contact details with any donor-conceived genetic siblings by joining our Donor Sibling Link (DSL) service.

Download the leaflet to find out more, including:

  • details of the information you and your child can access
  • what information the donor can access about your child
  • what support is available
  • how to apply.

Please note we only hold information about people who were conceived after 1 August 1991 (the date we were set up). If your child was conceived before then, there are other options you can try – find out more.

Publication date: 20 December 2018

Review date: 20 December 2020