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Consultation on changes to the HFEA Code of Practice now open for your comments

On April 24 we opened our new updated draft edition of the Code which will be open for consultation until Friday 1 June.

The purpose of the new edition of the Code is to provide all staff at licensed clinics with a clear and up-to-date reference point about the HFEA’s expectations in relation to interpreting the law that governs all our work.

The new edition includes some wide-ranging revisions, particularly around leadership, patient support and information provision for patients. This consultation seeks your views on our updated guidance in the following key areas:

  • Leadership
  • Patient support
  • Information provision to patients
  • Extension of storage
  • Consent
  • Screening
  • Egg sharing
  • Ovarian Hyperstimulation syndrome
  • Surrogacy
  • Data Protection

We are grateful to the many professionals who have already informed the HFEA’s development of this draft new Edition: at the workshops we held earlier in the year in London, Manchester, Bristol and Edinburgh, and via the HFEA’s working group on the Code of Practice review, and the HFEA’s ongoing engagement with the professional membership bodies and licensed clinic staff.

How to give us your comment:

If you have any questions about the consultation or the new edition of the Code, please contact Erin Barton at the HFEA on

Publication date: 20 December 2018

Review date: 20 December 2020