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The HFEA has launched its new data dashboard with data going back over 30 years. Access it here.

Find out about our plans for 2016/17

We have published our business plan for 2016/17 which describes the range of work we will do in the coming financial year to deliver our strategic vision: high quality care for everyone affected by assisted reproduction.



This is the third year of our strategy to put the patient at the centre of what we do. It’s going to be a big year for us – and clinics and patients – as we’ll be launching our new website and clinic portal.

Our regulatory focus will be on the taking and recording of consents, medicines management, data submission, multiple birth rates, and information published on clinics’ websites.

We will review our embryo research policies and regulation and conduct an options appraisal for the future handling of representations and appeals processes. And we will respond to various new Government agendas and reports including our Triennial Review and a range of new Government requirements on transparency, innovation and better regulation. We will also start to extend our strategic thinking beyond 2017.

Read the new HFEA Business Plan

Publication date: 13 April 2017

Review date: 13 April 2019