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Every year, around 2000 children are conceived with the help of a donor. Without a donor, many of those parents wouldn't have been able to fulfil their wish to have a family. Find out more about how to donate your eggs, sperm or embryos or get information if you’re an existing donor.

Thinking about donating

You can either donate to someone else’s treatment or you can donate to fertility research.

Both are extraordinary gifts: in one case you’re giving parents the chance to have the family they’re always longed for; in the other you’re contributing to research into curing infertility and preventing the spread of life-threatening genetic diseases. Find out more about the different ways you can donate below. 

Current donors

The laws around donating have changed over the years.

On the below pages you can find out exactly which of your personal information we will give to people conceived with your donation, depending on when you donated. You can also choose to remove your anonymity if you're an anonymous donor and apply to us for information on the outcome of your donation. 

Donating your eggs

Women up to the age of 36 can donate their eggs. Donating your eggs is an amazing gift but it's also invasive, time-consuming and a serious commitment.

Find out more about donating your eggs

What can people find out about me?

Anyone who donated before 1 April 2005 is automatically anonymous unless they choose to remove their anonymity. Donors after this time are identifiable to their donor-conceived children only.

Find out more about what can people find out about me?
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Donating your sperm

Men up to the age of 41 can donate their sperm. The process itself is relatively quick and easy but there are some important issues to consider before going ahead.

Find out more about donating your sperm
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Remove your anonymity

If you donated before 1 April 2005 you can choose to remove your donor anonymity, potentially allowing children conceived from your donation to contact you.

Find out more about remove your anonymity

Donate to research

Research using eggs, embryos and sperm has led to incredible advances in fertility knowledge and treatment. Donations are essential to this work.

Find out more about donate to research
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Sharing your eggs

Some clinics offer free or discounted IVF treatment to women who agree to share their eggs with another woman or couple having treatment.

Find out more about sharing your eggs
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Support service

We have a free support service for donors who are considering removing their anonymity, or are aware that a donor-conceived person has requested their details.

Find out more about support service
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For me, donating my sperm was one of the best decisions I've ever made. I now have two children of my own and knowing that I've helped someone else to have their family is an incredible feeling.

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Publication date: 6 June 2017

Review date: 6 June 2019