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Donor-conceived people and their parents

We hold information on all fertility treatments involving a donor since 1 August 1991. Learn more about what you can find out about your or your child’s donor and genetic siblings.

For donor-conceived people

Preparing to request information

Before you start the process of finding out information about your donor or genetic siblings you may want to take some time to prepare. Getting support from family and friends and thinking through some key questions will ensure you’re ready to take the next step.

Prepare to request information

Your donor

It’s natural to have questions about your origins. Depending on when you were treated you may be able to apply to us for information about your donor.

Learn more about your donor

Donor anonymity

People who donated before April 2005 now have the chance to remove their anonymity. So even if you’ve requested information about your donor in the past and been turned down, you may now be able to get that information.

Find out more about donor anonymity

Donor Sibling Link

If you’re over 18, you can join our Donor Sibling Link and potentially get in touch with your donor-related siblings.

Join the Donor Sibling Link

For parents of donor-conceived people

Talking to your child about their origins

If your child is donor-conceived, telling them about their origins can be a sensitive topic to discuss. However, if done honestly and at the right time, the issue need not be a difficult one to broach.

Talk to your child about their origins

“We've always been open with Patrick about his origins and strongly believe that a child has the right to know where they came from.”

Publication date: 24 February 2021

Review date: 24 February 2023

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