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Our board (the Authority)

Our board, known as ‘the Authority’ oversees all of our work and makes the big decisions. This page tells you who is on our Authority, when it meets and directs you to past meeting papers.

Who is on the HFEA board?

Our board is made up appointed members, who are people we’ve chosen for their expertise and knowledge to bring an objective viewpoint to decision making. They include doctors, scientists and researchers as well as ‘lay members’ who bring knowledge about areas such as the law, religion, finance, journalism, the public sector and from their own personal experiences of fertility treatment. Find out more about them.

Our Senior Management Team, our most senior staff members who oversee the day-to-day running of our organisation, advise the board. Want to know more about them? Read their bios.


When does the Authority meet?

The Authority usually meets every two months. If you’re interested in what we do and how we’re doing it, why not come along? All you have to do is drop us an email to let us know you’re coming.

Look for future meeting dates and papers

Want to know what’s happened at past meetings?

You can read the minutes of past meetings or if you’d like to let your ears do the work, you can listen to the audio recordings.

We keep Authority minutes and audio recordings on our website for three years.

Read past Authority meeting papers


Review date: 5 January 2020