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Patient stories: learn from others

IVF case studies and stories. People who have had IVF or fertility treatment share their stories and pass on their tips.

  • Amy's story

    Now in their mid-thirties, Amy and her husband had many tests but the cause of their infertility remains unexplained. They began their treatment in 2007 with privately funded IUI and went on to try four IVF cycles, also privately funded.

    ...Amy's story

  • Angela's story

    Angela already had two daughters when she started thinking about having another child. She and her second husband tried for a baby for years, unaware that, due to surgery, Angela was unlikely to carry a baby to full term.

    ...Angela's story

  • Maria's story

    After a history of painful, heavy periods and having had an ovary removed, Maria was diagnosed with endometriosis. Because her remaining fallopian tube was blocked, the only chance she and her husband had of conceiving was through IVF.

    ...Maria's story

  • Michelle's story

    Michelle and David started trying for a baby in 2005. After a year they were diagnosed with unexplained infertility and underwent numerous tests and treatments for the next two years.

    ...Michelle's story

  • Sara's story

    Sara, 34, a civilian in the police force, has polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) and her husband Kevin, 40, a police officer, has a variable sperm count. After treatment the couple, who live in the Midlands, are expecting their first baby.

    ...Sara's story

  • Helena's story

    Helena, 34, a business management consultant, and her husband Ian, 34, a surveyor, had private fertility treatment. They live in London and now have a daughter, Sienna, who is a year old.

    ...Helena's story

  • Caroline's story

    Caroline, 35, and her husband Andrew, 36, a farmer, live near Sevenoaks, and have unexplained infertility. Their daughter, Adelaide, who is now four, was born after IVF.

    ...Caroline's story

  • Seeta's story

    Seeta, 33, and her husband Tahir, 40, had been trying for a baby for a year without success. Initial tests suggested PCOS, which later proved not to be the case. After treatment the couple, who live in Kilbarchan, Scotland, had their daughter, Hema.

    ...Seeta's story

  • Ruth's story

    Ruth was 39 when her sister challenged her to make her dream of motherhood a reality. Aware that her fertility was declining, but without a partner, Ruth remembered a friend's suggestion that they should have a baby together.

    ...Ruth's story

  • Kate's story

    Kate, 37, a self-employed advisory teacher and her husband Rupert, 40, programme manager at a college of further education, live in Twickenham. They had their son, Louis, aged 18 months, after three attempts at IVF.

    ...Kate's story

  • Annette's story

    Annette, 35, a civil servant and Alan, 39, a chartered surveyor from Rhondda in South Wales, had been trying for a baby without success for two years. Tests revealed that poor sperm motility could be the reason.

    ...Annette's story

  • Judy's story

    Judy, 52, and her husband Matthew, 42, have a son, Patrick, 12, who was conceived by donor insemination (DI).

    ...Judy's story

  • Barbara's story

    Barbara, an IT consultant, had to have an ovary removed as a result of an ovarian cyst, and she also had blocked fallopian tubes. Despite four attempts at IVF, treatment failed to work and they decided not to carry on.

    ...Barbara's story

  • Shannon's story

    Shannon and her partner Mary both received fertility treatment, Shannon in 1996 and Mary in 2003. They now have three children, two from the same donor and a third from another.

    ...Shannon's story

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Page last updated: 05 August 2014

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