Latest UK IVF figures: 2010 and 2011

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How many women have IVF treatment?

48,147 women had IVF treatment in 2011. These women had 61,726 cycles of IVF or ICSI treatment in 2011.


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How many babies are born following IVF treatment?

17,041 from IVF in total, from a woman’s own fresh eggs (the bulk of treatment) 13,778, 4,590 as part of a multiple.


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How successful is IVF treatment?

The latest figures (2010) show that 25.6% of IVF treatments using a woman's own fresh eggs resulted in a live birth, up 0.4% on the previous year.

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What is the average IVF success rate for different age groups?

Figures for 2010, 2009 figures in brackets for comparison

  • 32.2% for women under 35  (32.3%)
  • 27.7% for women aged 35-37  (27.2%)
  • 20.8% for women aged 38-39  (19.1%)
  • 13.6% for women aged 40-42  (12.7%)
  • 5.0% for women aged 43-44  (5.1%) 
  • 1.9% for women aged 45+  (1.5%)

For detailed breakdowns by age group (including figures for frozen cycles), see:


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How many twins or triplets are born following IVF treatment?

The most recent figures show that in 2008 23.6% of fresh and frozen IVF and ICSI cycles resulted in a multiple birth, but since then clinics have been working hard to reduce this number.  Data for the first half of 2009 show the figure dropped to 22.0%.

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Where can I find figures for previous years?

You can find further charts, graphs and tables providing details of treatments carried out since the HFEA was established in 1991 in the HFEA's long term data report HFEA Data 1991-2006.

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What percentage of IVF treatment involves ICSI?

ICSI - 52.9%

IVF - 47.1%

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What percentage of births result from IVF?

Around 2% of babies born in the UK are conceived by IVF.


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Page last updated: 11 February 2013