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Choose a Fertility Clinic search – how it works

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Choose a Fertility Clinic has been designed so patients can easily find the latest and most complete information about each licensed UK fertility clinic, helping them decide which clinic best suits their treatment needs. 

The site will enable you to find out a wide range of information including:

  • the treatments and services clinics offer, including any specialist areas  
  • meaningful statistics on all types of fertility treatment from ICSI to donor insemination on a national level and for each individual clinic  
  • details of the diagnosis, age and length of infertility of patients typically treated at each clinic.

"The HFEA database is a highly valuable resource which should be used to maximum advantage for patients seeking and undergoing IVF treatment.

"We have been working with the HFEA on their data since 2006 as part of the extensive work they are undertaking to improve information for patients and prospective patients.

"The HFEA is striving to provide an objective and transparent range of measures to help people who are making decisions about IVF treatment navigate a complex set of choices. It is essential for patients that the HFEA continues this work."

Dr Jenny Kurinczuk,
Deputy Director,
National Perinatal Epidemiology Unit

Map of the UKHow it works

Our improved search lets you look for clinics in your area offering the treatments and services you want. You can search for specific requirements such as clinics that treat older patients.

Each clinic has an overview page that gives contact details and information about the treatments on offer and how the clinic’s success rates compare to the national average.

From the overview page it is easy to get more information on staff and facilities, treatments and services, and headline success rates at the clinic.


More meaningful information - why we changed the way we present clinic success rates

Overall success rates on their own do not indicate what an individual patient’s chances will be. Choose a Fertility Clinic has been designed so you can see how a clinic has performed against a number of different measures in increasing levels of detail. 

Brought together, these figures and details give you a more complete picture of an individual clinic.

Live births

As well as showing the actual number of live births at each clinic we also show the predicted chance of a live birth for an average patient.

We now also display live births per embryo transferred and the proportion of singleton births.

These new figures are helpful if you are concerned about the risks of multiple birth.

Treatment types

For each type of treatment, you can now see what happened at each stage of the treatment cycle - how many resulted in egg collection, how many reached embryo transfer stage for example.

Multiple births – presenting singleton rates

Multiple births are the single biggest health risk of fertility treatment for both mothers and their babies. That’s why we present information about the proportion of singleton births for each treatment type, and how many Single Embryo Transfers (SETs) were carried out. 

Getting it right for patients – the consultation process

Choose a Fertility Clinic was developed following a wide consultation on how we present clinic information and user testing with patients.

During the consultation, clinicians told us that they prefer to see the live birth per embryo transferred. Patients said they wanted to see both live births per cycle.  We decided to show both, alongside an explanation of the limitations of both approaches.

We also sought advice from expert statisticians who suggested a variety of ways in which we could present the vast amounts of data we hold.  While some of them make sense to statisticians, we found that patients found them confusing. Other, simpler methods were ‘easier’ but did not provide reliable information.

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“Clearly it is important for patients to have access to information which allows them to meaningfully compare centres at which they may be considering having treatment.

"The publication of such data is an extremely important yet notoriously difficult role of the HFEA. The HFEA consulted extensively with professional bodies, including those representing patients, regarding the content and format of the latest publication and we believe that patients will now more easily be able to make comparisons between clinics.

"If differences between clinic success rates are not evident this is simply because no differences exist. It is also important that published data provide information regarding multiple births as it is our aim that assisted conception treatments result in the birth of healthy children”.

Dr Stephen Troup
Chair, Association of Clinical Embryologists

Page last updated: 21 November 2011

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