HFEA 11th Annual Report

Today, the Human Fertilisation and Embryology Authority published its Eleventh Annual Report and Accounts, which reviews its work over the past two years and includes a forward look that outlines the way the Authority intends to work in the future.

Introducing the Annual Report, Chair Suzi Leather said:          

"Over the coming year, the Human Fertilisation and Embryology Authority (HFEA) will make further improvements to the way it works, find ways to modernise and simplify its procedures and improve collaboration with clinics, patients and professional groups."

The HFEA's 2002 Annual Report covers the Authority's work from 1 November 2000 to 1 November 2002 and contains a forward look, which pays particular attention to:

  • strengthening the Authority's audit and inspection programmes - the new audit will typically involve a review of clinic billing records, computer records, log books and medical records, a review of clinic records for live births and examination of clinics' medical record management, storage and transfer of embryos
  • developing the HFEA's  IT systems to enable the HFEA to analyse, extract and provide detailed data on treatment cycles and trends
  • improving the communication and transparency of the HFEA by making more information available on the website, regular liaison with stakeholders and increasing our capacity to respond to enquiries from the public, media and policy makers.

In November 2002, the HFEA also received additional funding to boost its regulatory process and communication. This extra funding will bring the HFEA's annual budget to £5.5 million and includes:

  • additional government funding of over £1m in this financial year
  • funding from the government for the next financial year of £1.5m - a 150% increase on the current amount
  • approval of the HFEA's proposals to increase its licence fee income in 2003/04 to £4m and an additional £1.5m that Government provided in this financial year to allow the HFEA to upgrade its database register.

Copies of the HFEA's Eleventh Annual Report and Accounts are available on the HFEA website.


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