Multiple births in the UK - statistics

The HFEA collects data about approximately 50,000 fertility treatments performed each year in the UK. We are committed to making as much of this information available as possible to aid and inform patients, researchers and clinicians. This report, focussing on multiple births, is part of that aim.

A multiple birth (twins and triplets) is the single biggest health risk associated with fertility treatment. In order to try to reduce the proportion of multiple births after fertility treatment, the HFEA introduced a series of maximum multiple birth rate targets for clinics to adhere to.

For the first time since the initial targets were introduced, we are looking in depth at the national picture of multiple pregnancies and births after fertility treatment.

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Data from the report

We have also made available the data from ‘Improving outcomes for fertility patients: Multiple births’ in an excel spreadsheet if you want to view the numbers behind the report.

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Page last updated: 20 June 2012