Press releases 2011

  • Statement on Mail on Sunday article regarding James Paget Hospital - 19/12/2011

    When this incident was reported to us in April 2010 it was immediately investigated and followed up by inspection

  • Latest figures show rise in number of IVF treatments - 16/11/2011

    New figures released today by the HFEA show that the number of IVF treatments continues to rise. They also show that the overall pregnancy and live birth rates have remained steady at a time of notable changes to clinical practice.

  • Statement regarding Dutch study into IVF and ovarian cancer - 27/10/2011

    A study in Holland has found that women who have ovarian stimulation in IVF have an increased risk of developing borderline ovarian cancer later in life when compared sub-fertile women not receiving IVF.

  • HFEA agrees new policies to improve sperm and egg donation services - 19/10/2011

    The Human Fertilisation and Embryology Authority (HFEA) has today made a number of important decisions on sperm and egg donation in the UK. This follows an extensive public consultation, ‘Donating sperm and eggs: have your say’

  • Six Authority members re-appointed - 15/09/2011

    The HFEA is today announcing six members of the Authority have been re-appointed until the end of August 2012.

  • HFEA Authority Meeting - 14/09/2011

    At a meeting of its Authority the HFEA discussed a number of important matters including multiple births and the regulation of research. Members also discussed the Internal Governance Review. This has now been published and is available to download.

  • HFEA cuts its costs and reduces fees - 15/07/2011

    The Human Fertilisation and Embryology Authority (HFEA) has put proposals to the Department of Health and HM Treasury to reduce treatment fees charged to UK fertility clinics.

  • HFEA agrees new policies about family donation and the number of families one donor can create - 14/07/2011

    Yesterday, the Human Fertilisation and Embryology Authority (HFEA) made two important decisions in relation to donation policies. This followed a comprehensive review and a three-month public consultation.

  • Statement on IVF lottery - 06/07/2011

    The HFEA is strongly of the view that using IVF as ‘prize’ in a lottery is wrong and entirely inappropriate. To do so runs counter to the ethos that underpins our regulatory system and clinical practice.

  • Statement on Daily Express article on IVF terminations - 30/06/2011

    Statistics about the outcome of fertility treatment, of which one possibility is termination, have been available on our website for a number of years. We released additional data about the reasons given for terminations in June 2010...

  • Latest figures show multiple births continue to fall - 13/05/2011

    New figures released today show that multiple births from IVF continue to fall. This follows the HFEA’s initiative to reduce multiple births – the single biggest risk of fertility treatment, and is supported by leading professional bodies in the sector.

  • HFEA launches public consultation on sperm and egg donation - 17/01/2011

    The HFEA is today launching a three-month public consultation about sperm and egg donation. It covers compensation, family donation and the number of families a donor can help create.

  • Prof Lisa Jardine reappointed as Chair of the HFEA - 31/01/2011

    Prof Lisa Jardine has been reappointed by the Appointments Commission as Chair of the HFEA. The reappointment is from 17 January 2011 until 16 January 2014.

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