Apply to access HFEA data for non-medical research

Recognised research institutions can request to access patient-identifying HFEA Register data for non-medical research projects. To apply you must complete our online application form.  

How long will it take to apply?

The application form has been designed to be completed in one sitting. 

When completing the application you will need to provide:

  • your name, contact details and qualifications 
  • details of the research establishment responsible for the project 
  • details of the research project 
  • a description of the data you require from the HFEA 
  • justification of why your research project cannot be carried out using anonymised data and why it cannot be accessed by any other means 
  • specific information such as your organisation’s registration number and data protection registration code
  • electronic copies of relevant documentation (your CV and evidence of your research ethics committee approval).

To complete the form you will also need an understanding of data protection principles and the Human Fertilisation and Embryology Act 1990 (as amended 2008).

It is important that the language used in this application is clear and understandable to non-specialists. All abbreviations should be explained.

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Page last updated: 13 April 2010

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