Authority meeting - March 2010

Formal minutes of this meeting will be published after they are agreed by members at the next Authority meeting on Wednesday 7 July 2010. 

This meeting is open to the public. For further information or to register, contact Alan Tipping on 020 7291 8233 or email


Wednesday 24 March 2010,

To be held at:    Dexter House
                             2 Royal Mint Court
                             Tower Hill

1. Apologies, Welcome and Declaration of Interests

2. Minutes of 20th January 2010
Decision: agreed, subject to corrections

3. Chair's Report (verbal)

4. Chief Executive and Directors’ Reports (verbal)

For Decision

5. Translation of patient Information
Decision: agreed regarding Guide to Consent; policy on translation of other materials to be revisited 

6. Business Plan 2010/11
Decision: agreed 

For Information

7. ELP 3-month Review

8. Getting started: Your guide to fertility treatment [verbal]

Lunch (12.30 – 13.30)

For Information

9. Risk Tool Presentation [Verbal]

For Decision

10. Work plan for donation policies review
Decision: agreed, subject to minor amendments 

11. Disclosure of Information for Research Purposes
Decision: agreed, subject to minor amendments

12. Knowledge and Information Management Strategy
Decision: agreed

13. Update from Committee Chairs

14. A.O.B



Meeting papers


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