PREP - PR Entry Programme for research centres

What is a Person Responsible?

The law requires licensable activity to take place only under the supervision of a Person Responsible. The Person Responsible (PR) is the individual who ensures that all licensed activities are conducted with proper regard for the regulatory framework that governs treatment and research involving gametes or embryos.

Consequently, the PR should have enough understanding of the scientific, medical, social, ethical and other aspects of the centre’s work to be able to supervise its activities properly.


What is the Person Responsible Entry Programme / PREP?

An individual can be appointed as the PR only with the approval of the HFEA. That person must complete this Persons Responsible Entry Programme (PREP) assessment before the HFEA can consider whether or not to approve them.

The PREP is set out as a series of scenarios based on the legal framework under which licensable activities are carried out. In order to answer the questions you will need to have access to and have read the following reference material:

The purpose of PREP

PREP has been designed as a self-development and learning tool which will: 

  • act as an induction into the role and responsibilities of a new PR
  • form part of a PR or other member of staff’s continuing professional development (CPD)
  • encourage familiarity with relevant legislation, including the HFE Act 1990 (as amended) and HFEA Code of Practice, 8th edition.

There are two PR entry programmes available – for Treatment and Storage PRs and for Research PRs.


Completing the programme

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Guidance for clinics

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HFEA licenced clinics should be familiar with the relevant statutory information. 

The guidance is in place to make sure clinics operate to standard safety and ethical rules: