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Public attitudes to regulation in the UK

As part of our membership of the European Assisted Conception Consortium - which brings together regulators and practitioners from across Europe - the HFEA prepared a report on public attitudes to the regulation fertility treatment and embryo research in the UK.

This report, containing initial findings of research carried out for the HFEA was prepared in July 2005 for members of the EACC. 

The HFEA felt that showing information about the current state of public opinion within the UK and how it interacts with the regulatory system would be informative for colleagues who were involved with the development of regulatory systems in their own countries.

Page last updated: 18 March 2009

How we regulate fertility clinics

Doctors in a clinic having a discussionThe HFEA regularly inspects UK fertility clinics and research centres.

This ensures that every licensed clinic is adhering to safety and ethical rules set out by the UK government.

...more about our regulation process