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Standards for Assisted Conception Centres


The HFEA Standards for Assisted Conception Centres set out the requirements that must be addressed in order to demonstrate compliance with the European Tissues and Cells Directive.

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Consultation process

The HFEA worked in collaboration with the professional bodies of the assisted conception sector to draft the Standards for Assisted Conception Centres. An independent consultant oversaw the drafting of the quality and accreditation systems.

As part of the consultation professional bodies were consulted with their executive committees on the content of the Standards and all centres were invited to comment on the Standards when they were circulated in April 2006 as a working document.

The HFEA Regulation Committee was updated at intervals and agreed the ongoing approach.

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Consultation outcome

The Authority at its March 2006 meeting agreed the draft Standards for Assisted Conception Centres which would be published in April 2006. Members agreed that clinics would be given one year to comply before inspections under the Directive which were to start in April 2007.

The final Standards documents included:

  • the latest draft technical requirements of the Directive
  • a quality systems framework
  • referred to all relevant professional guidelines.

The Standards were included in the 7th edition of the Code of Practice which were agreed by Authority at its January 2007 meeting and came into force on the 5th July 2007. 

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Supporting documents

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