Consent forms


What the forms are for:

These forms are for the use of patients at your clinic and record their consent to the various aspects of fertility treatment. The relevant form should be printed out, completed by the patient and a photocopy of the form given to the patient.


Guide to consent forms

Screening, consent and parenthood flowchart 

The following flowchart is designed to help you bring together the HFEA's regulatory requirements for a number of different patient scenarios.

Record of information provided before obtaining consent

You can use this form to record the information you have provided to your patients giving consent. This has been designed to help you demonstrate that you have met the requirements of the Human Fertilisation and Embryology Authority Act (1990 (as amended) and 2008) before asking people to give consent.

HFEA medical practitioners statement

Treatment and storage 





Disclosure of information

See also: Chair's letter CH(10)05


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