Roslin Cells Limited

Platform technologies underpinning human embryonic stem cell derivation (R0136)

Licence holder: Malcolm Bateman

Lay Summary:

Our aim is to derive quality assured human embryonic stem cells for use in the treatment of disease.

Current methods for deriving stem cells use products which are prepared from human or animal cells. These products can vary in quality and carry a risk of transmitting disease. Our research will evaluate new products whose standard of preparation and definition is consistent with evolving standards for safety.

Most embryonic stem cells isolated to date come from a mixed collection of geneticallynormal and abnormal cells from the early embryo. In recent years stem cells have been established by starting with a single embryonic cell. Our research will evaluate and improve these methods.

Surplus fresh and frozen embryos are the traditional source of human embryonic stem cells. In prior licensed research we have established that it is possible to make a normal stem cell line from an egg which failed to fertilise and is clinically unsuitable for infertility treatment. Our research will evaluate methods to mature and/or artificially activate the egg or embryo before or after clinical exposure to or injection with sperm.

Advances from this research will be implemented in quality assured facilities operating in full compliance with regulatory requirements.

Page last updated: 20 October 2010