About HFEA regulation

  • Egg sharing schemes

    What is egg sharing and why is there a need for it? Find the facts and discover the HFEA's policy on this area of fertility treatment.

    ...Egg sharing schemes

  • Welfare of the child assessment

    Find out the types of questions a clinic is expected to ask when assessing the welfare of the child. Discover the HFEA's role in formulating the relevant guidelines for clinics.

    ...Welfare of the child assessment

  • What we do about OHSS

    What is the HFEA's role with regard to OHSS? What guidance does it give to clinics, how are incidents reported and what information does the HFEA hold on this serious condition? Find out here.

    ...What we do about OHSS

  • Sperm websites

    What is the HFEA's advice to people using unlicensed sperm websites to obtain eggs or sperm for fertility treatment? Find out the latest here.

    ...Sperm websites

  • Surrogacy

    Exactly what is involved in surrogacy and what advice does the HFEA give to people thinking of becoming involved in this complex area? Read the key points.


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Page last updated: 13 April 2009

How we regulate fertility clinics

Doctors in a clinic having a discussionThe HFEA regularly inspects UK fertility clinics and research centres.

This ensures that every licensed clinic is adhering to safety and ethical rules set out by the UK government.

...more about our regulation process