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Funding & payment issues

Funding & payment issues

  • NHS treatment

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    Whatever your circumstances, one of the first things to consideris whether you are eligible for,and would like, NHS treatment orif you need to pay for your owntreatment (ie, be a private patient).

    ...NHS treatment

  • Private treatment

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    If you are unable to access NHS funding for your fertility treatment or are planning to pay for your own, you have the option of approaching private fertility clinics.

    ...Private treatment

  • HFEA fees

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    The HFEA does not charge individual patients for fertility treatment. Clinics, both NHS and private, pay a fee to the HFEA towards the costs of being regulated and inspected.

    ...HFEA fees

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Page last updated: 08 February 2012

Emotional support

Find the support you needFind the support you need.

There are a number of resources on hand to help you through what many people describe as the 'emotional rollercoaster’ of fertility treatment.

..more about getting support