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How to research fertility clinics & what to expect

Choose a fertility clinic
Our ‘Choose a Fertility Clinic’ service is designed to help patients, prospective patients and donors find a clinic that best suit their needs.

Choosing a clinic
With many fertility clinics to choose from, you may need to do some research to find the best fit for you.

What to expect at the clinic
The idea of going to a fertility clinic can be daunting; find out what you might expect when you visit one.

Understanding clinic success rates
What do clinic success rates really mean? Are they that different between clinics?

Considering treatment abroad? Issues and risks
There can be risks attached to having treatment abroad, find out what you need to know before making a decision.

Guide to clinic inspection reports
The HFEA inspects every clinic we license and we publish the reports from these inspections. A key principle behind the inspection process is to judge 'what is it like to be a patient here?'

Disclosing identifying information to researchers
Rules governing the information we hold that identifies patients, their partners and donors.

Questions to ask at the clinic
The first consultation with a doctor or clinic can sometimes be confusing or difficult. Clinic staff are there to help you with your questions and concerns.

Consent to treatment
Before treatment can take place, you’ll need to complete a number of consent forms. This is because the clinic needs to make sure that you understand, and agree to, all that is involved in having treatment.

Reducing the risk to patients, gametes and embryos
Errors occur across all industries. Within the healthcare sector it is essential that when an error occurs, or is prevented from happening (a ‘near miss’), that the incident is reported and lessons are learned. Staff at HFEA licensed fertility clinics are required to report adverse incidents and near misses that happen at their clinic.

Page last updated: 05 March 2013

Starting your fertility treatment journey?

'Getting started' is our informative fertility treatment reference guide.

The guide aims to make your journey easier by giving you a step-by-step introduction to fertility treatment.

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