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Intention to treat (ITT) forms

When should I use an ITT form?

When there is an intention to perform a treatment cycle with egg collection. An ITT form is not required if eggs are not being collected from the patient e.g. for a DI treatment or a frozen embryo treatment cycle.  Treatments which are solely for egg donation do require an ITT and the word 'donor' should be included in the comments field.

I am carrying out an un-stimulated cycle. Should I complete an ITT form?

Yes, you should complete the form and put date of the patient's last menstrual period (LMP).

My patient is an egg recipient should I complete an ITT form?

An ITT form is not required for an egg recipient.

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Donor information forms

My patient is sharing her eggs. Do I need to complete a donor information form in addition to a patient registration form?

Yes, the patient is an egg donor so a donor information form must be submitted to the HFEA.

Where can I get copies of the donor information form for donors to complete?

A blank form can either be printed from EDI or a colour donor information form can be downloaded and printed from the HFEA website.

I'm not sure how to upload/print/save on EDI, how do I find out what to do?

Refer to pages 7, 8 and 9 of your EDI guidance notes, if you can't find your guidance notes call your Register Information Officer or email Register@HFEA.gov.uk.

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Error validation report

I am having trouble accessing my error report, what should I do?

Contact your Register Officer immediately and they can tell you how to access the report.  If there are still problems you should send an email to edisupport@hfea.gov.uk and your problem will be addressed as soon as possible.

How often should I check my error validation report?

Ideally you should check your error report daily to ensure there is not a build up of errors. You should clear the report weekly.

If something hasn't cleared on my error report after I’ve sent a correction, what should I do?

Call your Register Information Officer or email Register@HFEA.gov.uk to find out the source of the problem.

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Specific error queries

Deletion requests

A cycle has been abandoned due to poor response.  Should I delete the ITT form?

No, an ITT form should only be deleted if there has been a duplicate. You should submit a treatment showing that the cycle was abandoned.

How do I delete a form from the register?

You need to submit a deletion request from through EDI stating the reason why the form should be deleted.

When should I request a form to be deleted?

If a duplicate form has been submitted or if a form has been submitted in error

I used an intergrated system to submit forms and I have an error saying the patient is not registered when I know that they have been.  What should I do?

Sometimes forms submitted fail to arrive at the HFEA. You should ask your system supplier to check the failed forms folder on your system. Once you know why it failed you can correct and re-submit. If the problem persists the our should contact your your Register Information Officer (RIO) or e-mail Register@hfea.gov.uk

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Register Forms

How should the register forms be completed?

There are guidance notes for Register forms on the HFEA website under the section ‘Forms to use in your Clinic’, which should answer most of the questions you have. If, after having read the guidance notes and reviewing the forms, you still have questions, please contact your assigned Register Information Officer or email us at: Register@HFEA.gov.uk.

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EDI User Guide

This guide is intended as a reference for clinical staff.

EDI User Guide

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