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HFEA organisational structure

Our organisational structure diagram explains how each department fits in to the overall organisation. 


HFEA Senior Management Biographies

HFEA Chief Executive

Peter Thompson

Peter joined the HFEA in January 2009 as Director of Strategy and Information and became its Chief Executive in April 2012.

Before joining the HFEA Peter worked as a civil servant for a number of Government departments, including the Ministry of Justice and the Cabinet Office. Among a variety of roles, Peter was responsible for the Government's policy on the legal recognition of transsexual people, EU justice policy and the Prime Minister's  programme of constitutional renewal.

As Chief Executive, Peter is responsible for the overall performance of the HFEA.

Peter believes that the HFEA should focus its work around encouraging high quality care and providing patients with the information they need to make effective choices.

Peter is also a school governor in an inner city secondary in east London.


Director of Compliance

Nick Jones

Nick JonesNick Joined the HFEA in June 2010. He has worked in health care regulation, for the Care Quality Commission and its predecessors since 2002.

He leads the Inspection, Incidents and Register teams for the HFEA within the Compliance and Information Directorate.

Nick is currently responsible for the HFEA Information for Quality Programme to transform the way in which clinics submit data to the HFEA and the uses to which it is put. An 18-month programme reducing costs for clinics and adding value for patients and people accessing information we hold.

He is a firm believer in the value added by effective regulation both in rooting out poor practice and in promoting improvement by setting the right tone and incentives.



Director of Finance and Resources

Sue Gallone

Sue joined the HFEA in March 2014, retaining her role of Director of Resources at the Human Tissue Authority and working across both organisations as a shared Director of Finance and Resources. At the HFEA, she leads the finance and facilities functions, ensuring they support the HFEA to deliver its objectives. 

Sue’s background is largely in central government, in finance, audit, corporate and operational roles. She has worked in the Department of Education and Employment and the Home Office as well as other arm's length bodies.  Sue is a Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Management Accountants (CIMA) – sitting as a member of CIMA’s Disciplinary Committee - and a qualified internal auditor.

In her role as a shared Director, Sue is keen to explore the efficient use of resources across both organisations and spread best practice.


Director of Strategy and Corporate Affairs

Juliet Tizzard

Juliet has worked in and around IVF for nearly 20 years, starting her career in a small charity and working in the British Medical Association ethics department, before becoming Head of Policy at the HFEA in 2009. During her time at the HFEA, Juliet has overseen large policy reviews and public consultations, such as mitochondria replacement and compensation for egg and sperm donors. She has also been responsible for public campaigns such as One at a Time, a collaborative initiative to reduce multiple births rate in IVF, and Lifecycle, improving services for donors, recipients and donor-conceived people.

With her academic background in medical ethics and her role as lay member of the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists Ethics Committee, Juliet believes that donors, fertility patients and their families should have access to safe, high quality care provided in a strong ethical framework.

Page last updated: 20 November 2015