Licence Committee and the Executive Licensing Panel

The Authority’s licensing process is governed by the provisions of sections 16 to 21 of the Human Fertilisation & Embryology Act 1990 (as amended).

From 1st October 2009, routine decisions on licensing will be taken by panel of three members of the Authority’s staff (“the Executive Licensing Panel”). 

Complex matters, or applications which raise novel or controversial issues, will be referred to a Licence Committee composed of members of the Authority.  Research applications will be considered by the members’ Licence Committee.

Executive Licensing Panel members

  • Juliet Tizzard, Director of Strategy and Corporate Affairs (Chair)
  • Nick Jones, Director of Compliance and Information   
  • Hannah Verdin, Head of Regulatory Policy
  • Ian Peacock, Analyst Programmer 
  • Rachel Hopkins, Head of Human Resources 
  • Paula Robinson, Head of Business Planning 
  • David Moysen, Head of Information Technology
  • Joanne Anton, Policy Manager
  • Matthew Watts, Regulatory Policy Manager

Other nominated staff members may occasionally substitute for members of the panel, but not as Chair.

Licence Committee members

  • Dr Andy Greenfield (Chair)
  • Prof. David Archard (Deputy Chair)
  • Rt Reverend Dr Lee Rayfield
  • Ms Debbie Barber
  • Ms Gemma Hobcraft
  • Ms Kate Brian

Full details of decisions delegated to the Executive Licensing Panel and the Licence Committee are set out in an Instrument of Delegation.

Minutes from Licence Committee and Executive Licensing Panel meetings can be found with fertility clinic inspection reports:

Licence Committee/Executive Licensing Panel minutes & inspection reports

Licence Committee (considering representations) members

All clinics have a statutory right to make representations against certain licensing decisions. Where such a decision was made by the Licence Committee of Authority members (above), the representations are normally considered by a licence committee comprising the following members:

  • Lady Margaret Wall 
  • Professor Helga Drummond
  • Mr Bob Hughes
  • Mr Trevor Jones
  • Dr Mark Hamilton

Notices of the intention to hold such hearings in public are listed here:

HFEA Notice of Hearing  - 1 September 2014 (PDF 193KB)

This hearing concluded on Tuesday 28 October.  The decision of the committee is below:

Determination of the Licence Committee in the application of HFEA and St Jude’s Women’s Hospital (PDF 206KB)

Relevant committee documents and links

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How we publish our minutes and papers

Read the policy on the publication of papers (including agenda and minutes) that relate to the meetings of our Committees.


HFEA Standing Orders

The HFEA Standing Orders describe, in detail, the function and responsibility of the HFEA and its Authority members. 

For a full and detailed look at how we operate, download our Standing Orders: