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Ethics and Law Advisory Committee (ELAC)

This advisory committee was discontinued on 31 March 2013. Its residual functions were taken over by the new Ethics and Standards Committee.

The Ethics and Law Advisory Committee (ELAC) is a subcommittee of the Authority and comprises Authority members and co-opted members. The ELAC meets three times a year and considers the ethical, social and legal aspects of the Authority's work.


For past meeting agendas and papers please see the ELAC meetings archive.

Page last updated: 05 December 2013

ELAC Ethics Framework

ELAC have developed an Ethics Framework, designed to:

  • set out the moral principles which guide its deliberations
  • help it make explicit the moral principles underpinning its ethical deliberations

Fertility and embryo research - developments and publications

The Ethics, Law and Social Science Briefing highlights a selection of key developments and publications in the field of fertility and embryo research. Download a copy of the report:

HFEA Standing Orders

The HFEA Standing Orders describe, in detail, the function and responsibility of the HFEA and its Authority members. 

For a full and detailed look at how we operate, download our Standing Orders: