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Members of the Authority

Set of microphones on a committee tableMembers determine HFEA policies and review treatment and research licence applications.

Members have a broad range of expertise, from medicine to law and religion to philosophy.  

To ensure that the HFEA has an objective and independent view, the HFE Act requires the Chair, Deputy Chair and at least half of the HFEA Members are not doctors or scientists involved in human embryo research or fertility treatment


HFEA Authority member biographies

  • Chair, Mrs Sally Cheshire

    Chair, Mrs Sally Cheshire teaser image

    Sally has been an HFEA member since 2006 and became Interim Chair in January 2014 before taking the post on a permanent basis in April 2014. Sally also previously chaired Audit and Governance Committee...

    ...Chair, Mrs Sally Cheshire

  • Ms Margaret Gilmore

    Ms Margaret Gilmore teaser image

    Margaret will join the HFEA as a lay Authority Member in April 2015. She has spent six years in public service as a Non-Executive Director on the Board of the Food Standards Agency and is a Senior Associate Fellow with the Royal United Services Institute.

    ...Ms Margaret Gilmore

  • Dr Andy Greenfield

    Dr Andy Greenfield teaser image

    Since 1996 Dr Greenfield has been a Programme Leader at the Medical Research Council’s (MRC) research unit in Harwell. His core-funded research is concerned with the molecular genetics of mammalian development...

    ...Dr Andy Greenfield

  • The Rt Reverend Dr Lee Rayfield

    The Rt Reverend Dr Lee Rayfield  teaser image

    Bishop Lee has been Bishop of Swindon, in the Diocese of Bristol, since 2005 and a Member of the Society of Ordained Scientists (Holy Order) since 1995. Between 2000 and 2009 Bishop Lee Rayfield...

    ...The Rt Reverend Dr Lee Rayfield

  • Ms Kate Brian

    Ms Kate Brian teaser image

    Kate Brian has personal experience of fertility problems, and her two children were born after IVF. She is the London representative of the charity Infertility Network UK and Editor of the Journal of Fertility Counselling.

    ...Ms Kate Brian

  • Mr Tony Rutherford

    Mr Tony Rutherford teaser image

    Tony Rutherford is a Consultant in Reproductive Medicine and Gynaecological Surgery. He trained at the Hammersmith Hospital, London, 1985 – 1988, under the guidance of Professor Lord Robert Winston.

    ...Mr Tony Rutherford

  • Dr Yacoub Khalaf

    Dr Yacoub Khalaf teaser image

    Yacoub Khalaf qualified in Egypt and completed his MD in Birmingham (UK). He did his RCOG subspecialty training in Reproductive Medicine and Surgery at Guy’s and St Thomas’ Hospital NHS Foundation Trust.

    ...Dr Yacoub Khalaf

  • Ms Anita Bharucha

    Ms Anita Bharucha teaser image

    Anita, an independent management consultant, brings with her 18 years’ experience as a civil servant. She also has personal experience of unsuccessful IVF.

    ...Ms Anita Bharucha

  • Mrs Ruth Wilde

    Mrs Ruth Wilde teaser image

    Ruth has worked as the Senior Fertility Counsellor at the Complete Fertility Centre in Southampton since 2011. Ruth has been a counsellor for over eighteen years specialising in infertility since 2002.

    ...Mrs Ruth Wilde

  • Dr Anne Lampe

    Dr Anne Lampe teaser image

    Dr Anne Lampe is a consultant in Clinical Genetics at the South East of Scotland Clinical Genetic Service in Edinburgh and has a special interest in rare syndrome diagnosis and eye genetics.

    ...Dr Anne Lampe

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Page last updated: 07 November 2016

HFEA Standing Orders

The HFEA Standing Orders describe, in detail, the function and responsibility of the HFEA and its Authority members. 

For a full and detailed look at how we operate, download our Standing Orders:


FAQs about the HFEA

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