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Guide to clinic inspection reports

The HFEA inspects every clinic we license and we publish the reports from these inspections. A key principle behind the inspection process is to judge 'what is it like to be a patient here?'

All inspection reports are published on online. You can use these reports to help you find our more about your chosen clinic, or shortlist of possible clinics.

For ease of use, the reports and Licence Committee minutes can be found in our Choose a Fertility Clinic search - alongside their corresponding clinic listing.

The inspection reports cover information such as:

  • how well the clinic is organised and managed 
  • the quality of the service patients receive at the clinic
  • how safe, suitable and secure the premises and equipment are
  • the clarity and relevance of information the clinic provides to patients
  • the competence of clinic staff to ensure safe clinical and laboratory practice.

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Page last updated: 30 March 2009

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