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Consent and multiple births workshops

In 2014 the HFEA ran some good practice workshops on both consent and multiple births for clinic staff. Both workshops were CPD accredited and were held on the following dates across the country:

  • Thursday 27 November 2014 in Manchester
  • Wednesday 26 November 2014 in London
  • Thursday 20 November 2014 in Edinburgh
  • Thursday 13 November 2014 in Bristol

The morning workshop was focused on consent. Delegates had the chance to hear from a legal expert about the importance of properly obtaining consent and heard examples of what can happen when things go wrong. They also had the opportunity to gather and share best practice with their colleagues at other licensed clinics. 

One of the key aims of the workshop was to get a better understanding of how clinics obtain consent and the difficulties they face. By getting their feedback, we sought to identify opportunities to further support clinic staff and patients to ensure that consent is properly understood.

In the afternoon, the workshop was focused on multiple births. The workshop was an opportunity for those clinics that are meeting the 10% target to share their good practice tips. A key part of the workshop was an ‘open forum’ session, where delegates were invited to discuss the issues around reducing multiple births rates with a panel of experts.

Workshop reports

Reports covering the workshops are available below:

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