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Review of scientific methods to avoid mitochondrial disease 2013

In December 2012, the Secretary of State for Health asked the HFEA to provide an updated view of the science to support the assessment of the efficacy and safety of the two mitochondria replacement techniques: pro-nuclear transfer and maternal spindle transfer. The HFEA reconvened the core panel which reported on its updated advice in March 2013. This report was submitted to the Department of Health alongside the advice regarding the public consultation findings, following discussion at an open Authority meeting on 20 March.

Membership of reconvened core panel:

  • Professor Neva Haites (chair), University of Aberdeen
  • Professor Peter Braude, King’s College London
  • Dr Paul De Sousa, University of Edinburgh
  • Professor Robin Lovell-Badge, Medical Research Council National Institute for Medical Research
  • Professor Anneke Lucassen, University of Southampton and formerly Human Genetics Commission

Terms of reference

The group collated and summarised the current state of expert understanding on the safety and efficacy of maternal spindle transfer and pro-nuclear transfer to update their report of April 2011.


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