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F-2013-00311 - Questions regarding egg freezing and egg thawing in UK clinics

Summary of request

The Authority was asked five questions regarding egg freezing and egg thawing in UK clinics.

HFEA response

Answers to the following questions have been requested:

1. The centre that carries out the most treatments using thawed eggs (including using imported eggs).

2. The centre where most thawed egg treatments took place were all eggs were extracted, frozen and thawed on by that single centre.

3. The clinic which produces the most embryos (from frozen eggs) that go on to be stored or used in treatment.

4. The centre which carries out the most egg freezes.

5. The clinic with the highest live birth rate (resulting in healthy babies) after thawed egg treatment (using both imported eggs and eggs extracted, frozen and thawed on site or at another centre in the UK).

Please find this information in the attached spreadsheets. Please note that all the information is contained in the larger excel file. The others contain the same info but in an open and reusable format as recommended by the Information Commissioner.

Please note that numbers relating to Q.2 are incomplete. We are currently undertaking project that will allow us to easily track egg batch from collection, through freezing and their eventual us. Until this is complete the numbers we have included do not contain all possible treatments. It also omits cases where egg collection and freezing occurs on one site and are then transported to other UK licensed centres for treatment there. For these reasons it is unwise to use this data on its own as a basis to make decisions on.

At different points in the data you will notice that the number has been replaced by a ‘<5’ figure. This is to protect the anonymity of those to whom the HFEA owe a duty of care as set out in the Human Fertilisation and Embryology Authority. We have also given all the information from 2009-2011 to hopefully paint a more accurate picture of the situation.

Page last updated: 29 January 2014