F-2011-00280 – HFEA resourcing to meet obligations under the Freedom of Information Act 2000

Summary of request

The Authority was asked for information about how the HFEA manages its obligations under the Freedom of Information Act 2000.

HFEA Response

A response to each of the specific questions is set out below.

1. In which specific area/department of the organisation does FOI handling sit?

The Business Intelligence team (Strategy & Information Directorate). For background information please see our organogram at http://www.hfea.gov.uk/125.html

2. How many staff members / whole time equivalent do you have whose roles are wholly or partly responsible for FOI handling?

One member of staff / 0.5 equivalent has overall responsibility for handling requests for information under the FOI Act. Where necessary other HFEA staff then support this role by locating, retrieving and extracting information that has been requested and is held by their team.

3. Do you have an in-house legal team that is responsible for advising on FOI handling OR do you procure external legal services for FOI handling advice?

The HFEA in-house legal team usually provides any advice required but on occasion the HFEA has consulted external FOI specialists. 

4. Can you tell me how many FOI requests you responded to in the last financial or calendar year?

The number of FOI requests dealt with by the Authority each financial year is published within the HFEA Annual Reports, which are available at http://www.hfea.gov.uk/146.html . As the information you have requested is reasonably accessible via the HFEA website, it is exempt from disclosure under section 21 FOIA.

Page last updated: 16 August 2012