F-2011-00247 - Centre activity including the number of patients and cycles, funding status, sucess rates, the year centres were first licensed and closed centres

Summary of request

The Authority was asked for information about clinics licensed by the HFEA.

HFEA response

Some of the requested information (listed below) is already available on the HFEA’s online clinic directory (http://guide.hfea.gov.uk/guide/AllClinics.aspx?x=A&y=T ). As this information is reasonably accessible via the HFEA website, it is exempt from disclosure under section 21 FOIA and this part of the request is, accordingly, refused.
• Clinic names
• Clinic addresses
• Which clinics treat NHS funded patients, private funded patients or both
• The number of fertility treatment cycles carried out at each clinic (note that the most recent, validated information available is for the period up to 30th June 2010)
• The success rate of treatments at each clinic
• Details of each clinics’ satellite site(s) where appropriate

Number of patients treated per year
The number of patients treated at each clinic is not already publicly available. We therefore provide the most recent, verified data in the attached table.

Please note the following points regarding this data:

- this information should be published and publicly available as part of the online clinic directory. This matter is due to be corrected at the end of October when we next update the directory;
- the information in our database may be subject to change as licensed centres notify us of information that updates or corrects information they have previously supplied;
- some of the listed clinics are no longer licensed by the HFEA; and
- the table of data does not include the number of patients that receive intrauterine insemination (IUI) using partner sperm, which is not recorded on our Register of treatments in accordance with our remit set out in section 31 of the Human Fertilisation and Embryology Act 1990 (as amended).

Year of registration / De-registration
For centres that currently hold a treatment license, the year they were first licensed and the number (and name) of centres that have ceased to be licensed for treatment purposes in the last two financial years is not already publicly available. We therefore provide the most recent, verified data in the attached table.

Clinic ultimate owner/company
The following information may be helpful with regards to the question about the ultimate owner/company of each clinic. When centres apply for a licence we collect some corporate information on the application form. It is not mandatory for the applicant to provide all of this information, including the name of the limited company, partnership or sole trader. The recorded information we hold on this is therefore not complete. Also, HFEA licences are usually granted for a four year period and therefore the recorded information may be up to 4 years old. I would suggest that Companies House (http://www.companieshouse.gov.uk/ ) may be the best organisation to assist with getting the most complete and up to date information.  

Page last updated: 03 August 2012