Authority meeting - September 2009


9 September 2009, 10:30am

1. Apologies, Welcome and Declaration of Interests

2. Minutes of 8th July 2009

3. Chair's Report (verbal)
To include an update on the Appeals Committee

4. Chief Executive and Director’s Reports

  • Peter Thompson: Collection, Confirmation and Publication of Register Data 
  • Trish Davies: Regulating for Improvement Report 
  • Alan Doran: Definition of ‘Live Birth Rate’ and Presentation on Licensing

For Decision

5. Executive Licensing Panel: Review of Structure and Evaluation Report

6. Executive Licensing Panel: Protocols and Amendments to the Standing Orders

7. List of activities for which embryos may be used in research

8. Publication Policy

9. Retention Schedule

Next meeting: 21 October 2009




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