Dear Colleague,

Re: Payment of Expenses to Donors

As you are aware, centres may pay donors a maximum of £15 for each donation plus their reasonable expenses. While payments of expenses should not act as an incentive to donate, donors should not be left out ofpocket as a result of their donation.

The HFEA recognised that defining what is reasonable in terms of expenses can be difficult to judge. The HFEA has therefore produced the enclosed guidance to assist centres in determining what expenses should be reimbursed. These have been designed to enable centres to accommodate special circumstances, as appropriate. This guidance will be referred to in the forthcoming 5th edition of the HFEA's Code of Practice, which we expect will be published by the end of this year.

We hope that you find this guidance helpful. If you have any questions about their application, please contact Ginny Shires (tel: 020 7539 3311).

Yours sincerely,

Ruth Deech

June 2000

Directions issued by the Human Fertilisation and Embryology Authority state that donors of gametes may be paid no more than £15 for each donation plus reasonable expenses. The following guidance indicates the types of expenses that centres should reimburse to donors. This guidance will be reviewed annually by the HFEA.


Receipts are not required for any expense incurred that is less than £15, however donors should provide centres with receipted evidence for expenses that exceed this amount.


All travel costs should be reimbursed to donors provided that the donor has used a reasonable route and standard class travel has been used to get to the centre. Taxis should normally only be used where public transport facilities are unavailable, but this is a discretionary rule that centres may apply flexibly if they so wish.


Public Transport Fully receipted if over £15
Taxi Fully receipted if over £15
Car £0.300 per mile
Motorcycle £0.153 per mile
Bicycle £0.053 per mile


The travel expenses of an accompanying person can also be reimbursed on the same basis.


Where a centre judges that accommodation is needed, this should be arranged and paid for by the centre.


Absence from home or a place of business not exceeding five hours:
£2.50 per day

Exceeding five hours but not exceeding ten hours:
£5.00 per day

Over ten hours:
£10.00 per day

Miscellaneous expenses

(Costs such as telephone calls, car parking, postal costs etc.)

Depending on the circumstances centres are at liberty to decide whether to reimburse a donor for this type of expense.

Financial Loss Allowance

The maximum financial loss allowance is £50.00 per day. A donor should provide the centre with detailed evidence of the specific, financial loss incurred as a result of donating gametes.

Childminding Expenses

Donors should claim for childminding expenses if these were directly incurred as a result of donating gametes. A receipt or a letter signed by the carer stating how much was paid to them should be provided to the centre.

Total Daily Amount That Can Be Claimed for Financial Loss and Childminding Expenses

The total daily amount that may be claimed for financial loss allowance and childminding expenses can not exceed the daily maximum limit of £50.00.

Page last updated: 14 April 2009