November 2014


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Welcome to November's edition of the HFEA e-update.

In this month's e-update read about the findings of our recently published donation report.

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Latest news

Donation report published

On 30 October we published 'Egg and Sperm Donation in the UK, 2012-3013', a report combing information from the HFEA Register together with responses to a survey of clinics completed earlier this year.

The report includes the number of newly-registered egg and sperm donors and patients receiving treatment with donated gametes and embryos.

Our figures and the information from clinics suggest that more egg donors are coming forward in response to the changes in policy, and the increased awareness that resulted. The number of newly-registered sperm donors increased in 2012, but decreased again in 2013.

There are more egg and sperm donors in the youngest age group (under 25) than in previous years, and slightly fewer donors already have their own children when they first register.

The vast majority of donors are from a white ethnic background and clinics report needing to import sperm for specific ethnicities and religions. Sperm is most commonly imported from the USA and Denmark and eggs most commonly from Russia, Ireland and the USA.

The number of treatment cycles involving donor gametes has increased each year. Only a minority of donor gamete cycles are funded by the NHS, the proportion is particularly small for single women and same sex couples. 

The report is available on the HFEA website.

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