January 2015


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A happy new year to you and a warm welcome to January's issue of the HFEA e-update.

In this issue, find out more about our most recent national statistics report, 'Fertility treatment in 2013: trends and figures', and our plans to make the statistics we publish on clinics easier to interpret.

We look forward to sharing our work with you during the year ahead.

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Peter Thompson, Chief Executive, HFEA.


Latest news

Fertility statistics: giving you a reliable picture of success rates

As anyone who has researched fertility treatment, selected a clinic or gone through treatment knows, getting your head around statistics is a big part of it. And, unless you’re a qualified statistician, it’s not easy.

We have a tool on our website called Choose a Fertility Clinic which publishes statistics for each of our licensed clinics: pregnancy rates, birth rates and multiple birth rates, broken down into time periods and age ranges.

Last autumn, we asked patients, donors and donor-conceived people how easy they found it to understand the statistics on Choose a Fertility Clinic. The short answer is ‘not very’! We’d already spotted the need to revamp this tool, which is why we were asking the question. But there’s nothing like seeing someone frustrated and confused to spur you on to do something about it. So, in 2015, we will be redesigning Choose a Fertility Clinic to make the statistics much easier to understand. We’ll also be adding new information, such as feedback from other patients, to the service.

In the meantime, did you know that we publish national statistics on fertility treatment in the UK? They won’t inform your choice of clinic, but because of the large number of treatments (over 60,000 in 2013), the national statistics give a more reliable picture of success rates than those from an individual clinic.

We recently published the latest national statistics in our report, ‘Fertility treatment in 2013: trends and figures. The report shows that the number of women receiving IVF and DI continues to rise. Pregnancy and birth rates are gradually increasing too. Around a quarter of cycles started using a woman’s own fresh eggs results in a live birth. For women aged under 35, this figure is one third. And this has happened whilst the multiple birth rate has continued to fall.

Read the 'Fertility treatment in 2013: trends and figures' report



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